We worked together with Punpillows to create this short video explaining the concept behind the brand’s Give Receive and Share campaign. With $5 from every punpillow purchased going to Backpack Beds for Homeless, the story is highlighted by showing how punpillows touches lives. A gift that not only Gives love to friends and family but also to a total stranger in need. We wanted to put this stranger at the heart of the story and create empathy by showing the world through his eyes. An urban world where anonymous silhouettes busy themselves and are sheltered in their world of comfort. It only takes one person and a small act to create great change.

Behind the Scenes

We flexed all of our creative muscles by building a large NYC inspired street set, directed a day-long green screen shoot and animated literally thousands of individual paper cut-outs. There is magic in building something with your hands. Delicately cutting, folding, and gluing the props together as the story comes to life before your eyes.