Paper Nativity

Having seen some of our work online, Dan Stevers approached us with the idea of revisiting one the most famous story of all time, the Nativity. Both very daunting and challenging, we knew that by taking on a theme like that, we really had to get it right. Soon after we realised that the use of light could play a key role within the narrative, and so, we settled on the idea of using paper cut dioramas for each scene, with a touch of watercolour for details.


Behind the Scenes

With some dioramas reaching up to 16 individual layers, safe to say that we had our work cut out for us! (no pun intended).  We used 220gsm paper, foam board and lots of glue and double sided tape. and finished it off by colouring the layers with watercolour pencils. Using a couple of soft boxes for the backlight, we went with a single shot and continuous camera pan. Many thanks to Dan Stevers for his guidance and for our intern Phoebe Ayscough for all her help on this project!



Producer: Dan Stevers
Director: Paul Lalo & Jenni Vigaud
Intern: Phoebe Ayscough