Hi I’m Paul

 Creative Director / Motion Designer

After living in different places around the world, I landed in Australia to study Animation. I’ve had the pleasure of working with studios and as a freelancer on a variety of commercial projects.

My passion for animation has naturally led me to teaching and I have been lecturing part-time at the Griffith Film School. I’m also the founder of Ozanimate an industry showcase website and play host for the Brisbane chapter of  Loopdeloop screenings.

Welcome to Soymilk Studio

Est. 2011

We are a Tactile Motion Design* duo, who have joined forces.

We direct and produce creative answers for advertising and entertainment industries. Our goal is to help brands promote their image by creating bespoke animations with compelling stories and a distinctive flair.

Specialising in mixed-media narratives, we are particularly interested in marrying analogue and digital animation techniques. Often combining the latest digital tools with their traditional counterparts, we always strive to get a handmade feel in our work.

If you have a project or idea you’d like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you !



Tactile [ tac·tile ] adjective

1. perceptible by touch : Tangible

2. of, relating to, or being the sense of touch

Motion Design is a combination of  three distinct disciplines :

Design, Animation & Film-Making

Nope, we’re not lactose intolerant, Jenni is actually a cheese fanatic !  

Just like soy milk we see our work as an organic alternative to the more mainstream ‘milk’.

and I’m Jenni

 Art Director / Designer-Maker

After studying Fine Arts and Product Design for a good bunch of years at the Sorbonne (Paris), ESAD (Reims) and the Designskole (Copenhagen) , I packed my savoir-faire and expatriated my French touch to Australia where I now design and create bespoke worlds for motion. I love experimenting with tactile materials and infusing stories with a unique handmade feel.